Condensed Matter National Laboratory

Quantum Computing and spin-qubits
Using quantum states of materials as the units of information has gained a large attention in condensed matter physics due to their promising application in the field of quantum computing. While the presently studied systems are rather extremely expensive or far too complicated to be integrated in practical devices, the research on development of novel cost effective and efficient systems and materials is an urgent requirement of this newly born field of science and technology. At CMNL, we are working on spin quantum state of engineered materials which can be manipulated and detected via optical and electric field excitations at room temperature. Both the design and the fabrication of quantum logic gates are of main interest in our researches.

High rate supercapacitors
Biaxial Liquid crystals
Engineered polymers for tissue fabrication
Hydrogen storage
Structural phases of Graphene Oxide aqueous colloidal solutions
Solar cells
Bio applications of Graphene and Grphene Oxide nanoflakes
Magnetic properties of Graphene Oxide


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